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Secret Cravings Publishing Paranormal Blog Hop


Paranormal romance is fun to read and to write. It allows you to explore new worlds or new dimensions of the world we live in. Mythical creatures come to life in the pages of paranormal romance books, and new species can be created in the blink of an eye. The best part? The romance that leads to a happily-ever-after ending, which seemed impossible while watching the hero and heroine’s struggles throughout the story. Yes, it is a great genre for anyone who likes to think outside the box or who loves legendary and mythical beings and can’t get enough of those happy endings.

My fascination with Dracula is what led to my start in writing paranormal romance. Endless possibilities floated before me when I thought about what could happen if a vampire lived in the modern day and wanted to love someone. In the end, and with plenty of encouragement from my paranormal-loving sister, I wrote Thirst for Love. I was absolutely thrilled when Secret Cravings Publishing offered me a contract for it. Want to know what the book is all about? Take a look.

Thirst for Love cover artBlurb:

Victor Nicolescu wants only two things: blood to sate his hunger and a woman to love him for eternity. The blood is easy—his butler donates to Victor’s personal blood bank on a regular basis. Sometimes, however, Victor has an undeniable craving for fresh blood. His most recent craving leads him straight to Claudia Reyes, a gorgeous psychiatrist who doesn’t believe in the existence of vampires. His bite transforms her into one of the mythical immortals and forces her to leave behind everything familiar. Victor longs to help her adjust to her new life as a creature of the night, but her anger at his choice to transform her threatens to destroy their chance for love. When the night of the full moon rolls around, however, Claudia discovers he desperately needs her help to overcome a part of him even he never knew existed.


He slid one hand to her lower back and pressed her closer. His other hand slipped up the back of her neck, and his fingers tangled in her silky hair as he tilted her head back just a little. When he lowered his lips to the throbbing pulse in the side of her throat, he could feel her fear. He projected soothing thoughts into her mind and savored the feel of her warm flesh and the blood flowing beneath it.

Trust me. I will not harm you.

He sank his fangs into Claudia’s skin, unable to wait any longer. She gasped, but he quieted her with his mind. Warm, thick sweetness flowed into his mouth, and he drank deeply, his strength returning with each swallow.

Claudia leaned into him, her movements seductive as she tried to dance while she weakened. Victor had to restrain himself as her blood filled him with warmth and her body filled him with desire. It had been a long time since sating one hunger had ignited another, but he knew couldn’t completely satisfy himself tonight. She would be too weak after giving him the sustenance he needed to satisfy his other cravings.

She grew limp in his arms, and he forced himself to stop. He had swallowed more than enough to regain his full strength, but she tasted so sweet, so wonderfully feminine. He withdrew his fangs and kissed the slight trickle of blood from her skin, healing the twin wounds with a gentle swipe of his tongue and leaving only faint scars on her smooth, caramel neck. She shivered and moaned softly as she leaned into his embrace.

“Thank you, love,” Victor murmured, supporting her with strong arms. He shouldn’t have waited so long to feed, but he had craved specific blood. Nothing else would do. Now that he had met Claudia and tasted her, growing so weak had been worth it.

“I don’t—I don’t feel well,” she said, sagging against his chest.

He had taken too much from her. She wouldn’t last much longer as a human, but he could provide the proper care to ease her transition into a vampire. His bite had started the process, and soon she would slip into a coma. Then her heart would slow until it stopped completely, the last step in the transition. Although the process wouldn’t be uncomfortable once she lost consciousness, he couldn’t leave her like this. He had with others, but Claudia was different. She had put her own spell on him, and she didn’t even know it.


Want to read more? Thirst for Love is available from most online booksellers, including Amazon, Amazon UKBarnes & Noble, Book Strand, and of course Sweet Cravings Publishing.

Leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about paranormal romance, and you’ll be entered to win a $5 gift card to Sweet Cravings Publishing. On Monday, June 17, I’ll draw a winner from all the commenters.

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Sweet Saturday Sample – Tara of the Fey

Today’s sample comes from my newest release, Tara of the Fey.

Tara of the Fey cover art

The H.M.S. Fairweather glided peacefully through the Minch, heading due north between the island of Lewis and mainland Scotland. Caeden slowly moved his tail to keep himself steady in the icy waters as he kept a close watch on the ship, hoping for a glimpse of the young woman on board. He and his companions followed at a safe distance. If they were spotted too soon, it could spell disaster for Caeden and subject him to even more ridicule from his compatriots.

“Mighty fine ship,” Fergus muttered, a mischievous gleam in his eye. “Sure wish we could sink her.”

“We’re only allowed the girl,” Duirkin said. The chosen leader for this rambunctious group of Blue Men, Duirkin was an older man everyone respected.

Everyone, that is, except Fergus, who respected no one but the chieftain, and him only grudgingly. “Can’t we at least play with the sailors? Teach them to fear the Minch?”

Caeden missed Duirkin’s response, for over the rail of the ship appeared the face he had longed to see. Framed by flowing, golden hair, the delicate features and sparkling blue eyes gazing into the deep stole the oxygen from his gills. An emerald green dress of shimmering fabric draped her slender body—a body which had grown into that of a woman since he last saw her.

Although years had passed since he had been taken by the sea witch and cursed to live as a Blue Man, there was no mistaking Tara, his best friend and childhood crush. Her memory had kept him going through many long, lonely nights and given him hope that he might one day walk with her again along the shores of Garbh Eilean. So much depended on her acceptance of him now, much more than his companions knew—his very future was at stake. They believed her abduction to be an authorized bit of mischief. Only Caeden and the chieftain, waiting in the cavern far below the waves, knew the truth behind this mission—that Tara’s response could change Caeden’s future forever.


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Sea Monsters, Part III

Continuing with the Sea Monsters series, this week focuses on sea serpents. Are they giant sea snakes? Mythical creatures that never truly existed? This post is my take on the frightening creatures.

Sea Monsters, Part II

Earlier this week, I received a very nice rejection on my sea monster story. The letter included some helpful comments, which I am grateful for. Now I need to put some serious work into the story and see what happens. In the meantime, I plan to continue with the sea monsters series on here because there are some fascinating legends out there.

This week, I’m focusing on the kraken.

Sea Monsters, Part I

In honor of the short story I submitted for an anthology, I plan to share a little of what I know about sea monsters. This week’s monster is the Blue Men of the Minch.