The sweeter side of sensual

About the Author

I am Misha Tagliaferro, author of sweetly sensual paranormal romance. The first of many planned stories is a vampire romance with a twist. As far back as I can remember, I admired bats for the amazing creatures they are. Then I heard myths and legends of vampires, some of whom are rumored to turn into bats. Like all children, I suppose, I held a morbid fascination with Dracula. As I grew older, I became fascinated by what makes people tick: what is it that makes people who they are? As an avid reader and lover of books, this curiosity took the natural turn toward writing.

Why vampire romance? Well, I have always loved a happy ending. I also root for the underdog, the outcast who wants to belong but never can. Who is more of an outcast and underdog than a vampire looking for love? So when my sister proposed a unique idea for a character and encouraged me to write it, well, I could hardly pass up the opportunity. And so, my vampire romance with a twist was born.

When I first started my writing journey, I considered specializing in vampire romance. The longer I write, however, the more I realize there are too many fascinating possibilities in the paranormal romance genre to limit myself to vampires. Shapeshifters, telepaths, were-creatures, and so many others are waiting for stories to be written about them. As a writer, I look forward to the challenge of creating stories with a variety of paranormal characters and giving them the happily-ever-after endings romance readers love.