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Sweet Saturday Sample – Thirst for Love

Here’s a quick peek at my paranormal romance, Thirst for Love.

Thirst for Love cover artVictor opened the parlor door and drew in a deep breath, hoping to catch Claudia’s sweet scent. Instead, his nose twitched. What is that vile odor?

The spicy, slightly sweet scent with an underpinning of over-processed meat only grew stronger as he approached the kitchen. He stepped into the room and watched Luther spoon lumpy, reddish-brown sauce over a hot dog in a bun. The butler looked up and grinned. “Hungry?”

“Even if I were, there is no way I would ever consider eating—” Victor lifted an eyebrow. “What is that disgusting concoction?”

“Chili dogs, and they’re far from disgusting.” Luther picked up one of the two in front of him and took a bite. “Mm.”

Victor shook his head. Here was proof of what he had long suspected: Luther wouldn’t know good food if he saw it.


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