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Sea Monsters, Part II

Earlier this week, I received a very nice rejection on my sea monster story. The letter included some helpful comments, which I am grateful for. Now I need to put some serious work into the story and see what happens. In the meantime, I plan to continue with the sea monsters series on here because there are some fascinating legends out there.

This week, I’m focusing on the kraken.

Tales of the kraken have been around for centuries. Kraken are said to live in the waters near Iceland and Norway, and are some of the largest sea monsters out there. These huge, squid-like beings are reputed to attack ships and capsize them, possibly just for the enjoyment of destruction. I’ve come across a person or two who have suggest kraken attack ships in confusion, thinking they might be food. If so, kraken would have a great similarity to sharks when it comes to hunting. Many shark “attacks” are actually the shark taking a taste of what it thinks could be a tasty morsel.

Some scholars think the kraken is based on the giant squid, a creature which can grow to be around forty to fifty feet long. Since some ships were only sixty feet long, it’s not surprising that sailors would fear a giant squid. And like all fish tales, the giant squid seen by sailors could easily have grown with each telling of the horrifying encounter until the kraken was born.


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