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Sea Monsters, Part I

In honor of the short story I submitted for an anthology, I plan to share a little of what I know about sea monsters. This week’s monster is the Blue Men of the Minch.

The Blue Men of the Minch are a race of mermen-like creatures that dwell in the waters of the Minch, just off the coast of Scotland. They have blue skin, green hair, and grayish faces with rather flat features. They are also known for pestering ships and sailors.

Stories say the Blue Men of the Minch lure sailors into the water to drown them or cause storms to wreck ships. Particularly wily captains have tried to talk their way out of such a disaster, but very few succeed. Overall, the feeling seems to be that anyone traversing the Minch should beware of the Blue Men.

Now, that is what makes them sea monsters, but in my research into the Blue Men of the Minch, I ran across a legend or two that say the Blue Men have been known to assist sailors in trouble. There are stories of them lounging at the surface of the water, enjoying the sunshine and breeze. This leads me to wonder, are the Blue Men of the Minch truly the monsters many stories say they are?

The only conclusion I can logically reach based on what I’ve read is that they are considered malicious sea creatures by many, but there are times they can be benevolent. I have no idea what the motivation for either behavior is. All I know is that the Blue Men of the Minch may or may not be what they seem, which means traveling the Minch could be a very exciting thing if you happen to come across any of the Blue Men.


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